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Mission: Educating The Educators To Achieve Financial Independence.


Through our people, American Teachers Retirement Services will grow to 15 markets in 3 years by maintaining a satisfying approach for our clients and our team.

American Teachers Retirement Services, LLC. was originally formed in 1994.  The directors of ATRS, LLC entered the education market for one simple reason, there was no company or individual financial advisor informing teachers of their financial future with their best interest at heart. More and more retired educators each year were forced through financial hardship to go back to the job market.  ATRS, LLC. offers a service that no one else does.  We explain your benefits and the downfalls that the State Retirement System fails to mention. Through ATRS, LLC. providing  financial advice and long-term financial planning, educators may now remain retired and enjoy the benefits well deserved through their long years of service.


  • On A Mission to Educate the Educators
    • Passion and purpose driven for ATRS Mission and industry
    • Give back to community
    • Care about clients
    • Students of our game
  • Play to win
    • Growth and learning focused
    • Be the best, high ambition
    • Stretch and grow past comfort zones
    • Continuous improvement for personal development
  • Build a trusted and giving environment:
    • Inspect what we expect by providing open and honest communication
    • Always be approachable for positive and professional communication/feedback
    • There are no dumb questions or answers (we trust each other and support our growth)
    • Respectful and ethical
    • Accepting environment “safe” to learn and grow, have fun and help one another
  • Build open and honest communications with teams
    • Trust, humble, kind
    • Shows that they challenge, empower, and mentor co-workers
    • Appreciated one another
    • Take risks, be fun, weird, and light hearted
    • Solutions focused vs. problem oriented
  • Spiritually and Physically aligned
    • Creating a positive environment
    • Thinking big
    • Out of the ordinary
    • Bend reality
    • Fully engaged

Our Foundation

American Teachers Retirement Services, LLC. was founded with the 4 “P” Principal: Prepare, Preserve Protect & Prosper.

Prepare:  ATRS, LLC. helps you prepare a customized plan for your retirement. We help you answer the questions: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why? & How?. We make the process simple and easy to understand and follow. Financial planning is not rocket science, but before you can run, you must walk.

Preserve:  These days some individuals believe that “saving” is an old fashioned value. We, however, believe that in order to have something tomorrow, you must save something today. ATRS, LLC.’s goal is to help our clients save their hard-earned dollars in accounts that will work not only with them, but also work for them.

Protect:  ATRS, LLC. and it’s agents are only licensed and appointed with national insurance carriers that provide the strongest and most secure products available. Additionally, we only seek carriers that have fixed or fixed indexed accounts to ensure that your principal is safe.

Prosper: ATRS, LLC. wants to see each and every client enjoying their retirement. Retirement is not having to worry about how you are going to afford your monthly expenses with the pension check you receive, it is about living prosperously. 

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